Climate Controlled Storage in Elko

Even with all the security in the world, getting your belongings to a storage unit that can fully protect them may be a challenge. For instance, the right solution to keep your stored items away from the elements is not always easy to find. Enter our climate controlled storage units in Elko, NV!
Stor-All is located at 2000 Wildwood Way, Elko, NV 89801, allowing us to serve the surrounding communities of Spring Creek, Lamoille, Wells, West Wendover, Carlin, and Osino. If you are searching for fair storage prices and 24-hour access to your stored items, you won’t be disappointed with our units. At Stor-All, you will never have issues renting both a car dolly and a climate controlled storage unit quickly.

Whether you are planning to store valuable items or sensitive materials, our dust-resistant units will allow you to keep your belongings clean and away from all kinds of dangers, including those coming from pests or rodents, water damage, and extreme temperatures. Here are 3 reasons to use our climate controlled storage solutions:
1. The air quality is excellentYour attic or basement is likely not the ideal place to store items, especially if what you need to stash away is somewhat fragile. Since our climate controlled units are free of dust, you can take advantage of a good long-term storage alternative.
2. We have room for valuable itemsOur self storage options are not only useful for everyday regular items, like clothes and seasonal equipment. Our Elko, NV units are also great for storing expensive or important items such as antiques, vintage clothing, artwork, and even office files.
3. The temperature inside is idealYour valuables need perfect conditions to stay in top shape. With no extreme temperatures throughout the year, which could be just as damaging as moisture and insects, you can be sure that your things are well kept here with us.
No matter the deciding factor in your choice to rent with us, we will be here to help complete your move in a safe way. We’re just off Lamoille Highway in Elko, Nevada (on the east side of Wildwood Way), so check out our climate controlled storage spaces!