Boat and RV Storage at Stor-All Nevada

Boat & RV Storage

RV Storage

Stor-All Nevada provides affordable and spacious RV spaces for all types & sizes of RVs. From motorhomes and camp trailers to cargo trailers and jet skis, we offer open RV parking, no matter how large or small your need.

RV storage available at Stor-All Nevada

Boat Storage Suggestions

Consider these helpful tips to ensure that your boat stays in great condition while in storage:

Consult Owner’s Manual for Seasonal Care

Prepare your engine in accordance with the owner's manual. In winter this will typically include draining and flushing the cooling system, draining and refilling the crankcase, applying oil to the inside of each cylinder through the spark plug holes, and other preservative actions.

Clean and Preserve

  • Thoroughly clean the hull, decks, cockpit, bilge, all compartments, lockers and the exterior of the engine. Apply a coat of an appropriate wax or preservative.
  • Drain or completely fill the fuel lines, pumps, carburetor and tanks. Add fuel stabilizer.

Cover and Secure

  • Carefully fit a well-made, ventilated cover. If the boat is to be stored outdoors make sure there are no low spots in the cover that will hold rainwater.
  • Place a cover over the engine. Do not leave the engine exposed to the elements.

Advanced Planning and Accessories

  • Don't forget the trailer. Check tire pressure and cover the tires if they will be exposed to the sun. Inspect the wheel hubs and pack if necessary. Lastly, lubricate the jack.
  • Finally, note dates of registration, tags, certificates, and insurance, etc. Plan for renewal if they expire during your storage term.