Up Coming Online Stor-All Auctions at StorageTreasures.com!


Gardnerville Stor-All Auction Ending Date 09/20/18


NOTE: No physical auctions at the storage facilities. Please visit StorageTreasures.com to view current auctions.


Manner Of Sale For Online Auctioned Units

1. Stor-All's online auctions are conducted pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 108.473 thru 108.4783.
2. Stor-All will be auctioning units online at StorageTreasures.com. There will be no "oral auction" at the facility. 

3. Prior to the online auction, a general inventory is taken from the doorway of the unit and each unit is inventoried, photographed, and sealed. The items have not been touched and are still exactly as the customer placed them in the unit.
4. Units are sold in their entirety. Nothing will be sold individually.
5. All sales are NOT final until paid.
6. Amounts paid for the winning bids are final, no refunds given.

7. Stor-All does not warranty or guarantee any item purchased. All items being purchased are “as is and where is” excluding unadvertised vehicles, motorcycles, OHV's, vessels, or aircraft discovered in the unit after the sale. By law, these items are not included in this sale, due to unmet legal requirements. NRS 481 & 482. 

8. If you are the winning bidder of a unit(s), you will be notified by StorageTreasures.com and are responsible for contacting the facility to arrange payment of the unit(s).
9. Payments must be made in cash, credit card, or cashier's check. A deposit may be held at the time of payment. The deposit collected will be returned promptly upon inspection of the emptied unit(s).

10. All purchased items must be removed within 72 hours of winning the unit(s). The unit(s) may be re-rented.
11. If you purchase a unit(s), you are responsible for the removal of ALL items from the unit(s). Please empty the unit(s) completely. There is no dumpster on the property.
12. Participating in the bidding is an acceptance of these terms.

Auction E-mail Notification List

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Gardnerville Ranchos





Stor-All  auctions units online at StorageTreasures.com 

Units will be posted online seven (7) days before the Auction Ending Date.

Bidding for each facility will close on the Auction Ending Date listed for that facility.

There will be no “oral auction” at the facility.

Sale will be conducted entirely online, including pictures and inventory highlights. When claiming the unit, winning bidders will pay for the unit, (cash, cashier’s check, or credit card only) at the posted facility.

Amounts paid for the winning bids are final, no refunds.

Sales are NOT final until paid.